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Professional and Lay Christian Counseling Services




An estimated 10% of Americans experience depression in adulthood. Many times depression is a normal response to a difficult circumstance. At other times, it is a significant lifetime battle for peace and contentment. There is no one way to experience depression. If you have questions about how to address your feelings of sadness, anger and irritability, then Godly counsel is needed. KFAN associates join Godly wisdom with psychological principles to address your needs.  


Anxiety is..

Anxiety is  a sense of nervousness and uncertainty that can develop into intense fear, avoidance and even paralysis. It is often associated with patters of thinking that repeat themselves over and over again when there is no evidence to support its credibility. Fear, we know, is not of God. So, it is often we need assistance. There are many ways of interrupting cycles of fear and anxiety. KFAN offers one that includes prayer as well as practical psychological applications. IF you need this kind of assistance, please don't hesitate to call us today. 

Love and Marriage


God designed marriage to be a representation to the world of His relationship to the church - but that didn't prevent out flesh and selfish ambition from taking our marriages hostage.  But God's plan is divine and with wisdom a house can be built to endure the storms of life. KFAN offers marriage retreats for Pastors and Ministers as well as couples counseling for couples looking to the word of God for answers. 



Trauma is any event that happens unexpectedly and presents a threat to your life of livelihood or that of someone close to you. Traumatic events can often compound when more than one trauma occurs before you have been able to heal from the previous one. Symptoms of trauma can impact your mood and relationships years into the future. In addition to the love and grace that God provides, you may need counseling support. KFAN associates can help. 

Grief and Loss


Grief is a natural reaction to loss; and losses occur everyday. While there are stages of grief we commonly go through, these stages happen in an unpredictable order and can reoccur, making it difficult to walk in faith and keep your life going. Brief counseling can identify obstacles in your journey and give you an opportunity to move toward resolution. 

Spiritual Growth


Life's paths are often shadowed by small miracles ordered by God.