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Professional and Lay Christian Counseling Services

KFAN Training

Recent Training Topics


  • Integrating Biblical Wisdom and Psychological Principles: 
  • Mindfulness and Self Awareness
  • Anxiety: Presentation and Treatment
  • What to Avoid when Providing Godly Counsel 
  • Working Within Blended Families
  • God's Design for the Family
  • Essentials in the Art of Lay Counseling


To schedule a consultation to develop a training for your organization, contact us at office@kingdomassistancenetwork.com 

About Us

Buffy T. Wooten, Ph.D.


As clinical psychologists, we offer our expertise and training as a resource to our community of Pastors and ministers to provide spiritual guidance in the most effective manner. The trainings' we offer will strengthen ministers and others using a Christian worldview in their techniques, enhance their understanding of presenting problems and their ability to respond compassionately to those seeking support; to be more effective interpersonally and facilitate others as they seek to fulfill their purpose.  

Andrea Waddell-Pratt, Ph.D.